Friday, November 28, 2008

More Black Friday Specials

Today, the stores will be crowded, the parking lots will be packed, and the lines will be long. Is Black Friday shopping worth it? It depends. If you are one of the old fashioned shoppers who believe that you should buy electronics, toys or clothing for your loved ones, and you can stick to purchases that are listed in the Thanksgiving paper, you can't beat the deals. In the next few days, I'll veer off of the old-fashioned materialistic Christmas and into the new eco-friendly and more affordable Christmas. For now, here are the best deals.

Computers: Visit Office Max and Staples. They are offering laptops for under $500 and MS Office for under $70. You can't beat that....unless you are buying the laptop for playing video games. These models will be obsolete within a year or two, but they will run all the basic MS office tasks forever.

CVS and Rite Aid are offering many Free with Rebate deals. Shop early to pick these deals up.

Aaron Brothers and Michaels are offering coupons of between 25% off the total purchase and 50% off one item. These are great places to pick up all of your craft items if you are a do-it-yourselfer.

Old Navy is actually giving things away - MP3 players to be exact. Get their early, grab someting valued at least $20 and get in line. Good luck.

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