Sunday, December 28, 2008

After Christmas Sales - Sunday Circular

Honestly, I think that the pre-Christmas sales were all hype and no substance compared to last year. In 2007, we were able to take advantage of an abundance of "Free with Rebate" offers and true doorbuster specials. This year, the offering was mediocre at best. Besides the closing of Circuit City, there were no major deals to be had. No wonder the stores are struggling.

Now, we have the Sunday circulars in the Santa Barbara News Press. Anything worth getting dressed for?

K-Mart - $6 stability balls - great for the New Year's resolutions. In the local sports stores, these are often $29.99.

P&G Brand Saver - great coupons for every day needs. You'll pay for your paper after clipping a couple of these and going to Ralphs to take advantage of double coupons.

Michaels - 50% off coupon for one item. By the way, visit their website at and register. You will receive these coupons via email, so if you are a crafting junkie like me, you can get double the savings almost every week. If you pay full price at this store, you are a sucker. I'm currently knitting an afgan and rather than buying all the yarn at the same time, I've been buying only one color at a time and using the coupons.

Longs Drugs: Domaine Chandon Brut Champagne - $11.99 - best sparkling for the price, only on sale this Sun through Thurs. Tide detergent $5.49 after rebate - plus use a 35 cent coupon from this week's paper for more savings.

Office Max: They are offering the free software bundles with Turbo Tax software. If you need antivirus software or a dozen new software titles to go with your new computer, go ahead and buy the tax software and fill out the rebate cards. Since we use an accountant, I normally buy the software and collect on the rebates and then sell the software that I don't use on ebay - making a profit in the process.

That's all for now.

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