Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009! Grocery circulars for this week

Happy 2009 to all of my fellow frugal friends. In yesterday's mail, we received the Ralph's and Albertson's grocery circulars for the week. The sales start today and go through next Tuesday. The best buys are on:


  • Foster Farms Chicken - 50% off
  • Baby back ribs - $2.97
  • Heirloom tomatoes - 2 lbs. for $5 - normally not a good deal, but considering we are in the deepest, darkest part of winter, these can be a treat.
  • Dennison's, Hormel, and Stagg chili - 10 cans for $10 - great quick meal suggestion - Chili Pie. Grab a snack size bag of Frito's, pour some heated chili on the Frito's and top with shredded cheese. Yum!
  • The best sales are in the produce aisle. Broccoli crowns, cauliflower, italian and yellow squash, baby peeled carrots, green bell peppers, sweet red onions, and Fresh Express Garden Salads are all 10 for $10.
  • Boneless pork loin, $2.99lb. Buy a package that is already presliced for delicious pork chop recipes. Freeze what you don't need in family size portions in ziplock bags to reduce your leftovers.
  • Yoplait Yogurt, 20 for $10 - these have been much more expensive, even on sale for the past several months.
To finish off your shopping list, visit Albertson's for a few good specials. There is a two day sale going on starting today. Pick up your new year's eve and day treats here, because they are on sale.

  • Snow crab clusters, $3.99 lb.
  • King crab legs, $9.99 lb.
  • Lobster tails, $4.99 each
  • Potatoes, $1.99 for 10 lb bag

Use coupons for:
  • Avocados, 2 for $1
  • Mission tortilla chips, $1.79 a bag
  • Ruffles and Doritos 2 for $3
  • Domaine Chandon champagne, Jose Cuervo Tequila Especial are both $9.99
  • Heineken, $9.99 for 12 bottles

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