Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Husband's 10 Commandments of Saving Money

My husband also has his Ten Commandments of saving money.

1. Take your shoes off at the front door to save in carpet cleaning costs.

2. Buy quality – it lasts longer – in clothes, shoes, etc.

3. Invest in items that appreciate in value such as your home, antiquities, art, stock and other financial vehicles. Do not overspend on items that depreciate like cars, furniture, and housewares.

4. If you work in a profession that can make your clothes dirty, wear work clothes that are durable and cheap.

5. Go to brunches instead of dinners. The champagne is normally included and the meals are less expensive. Besides, you have all day to digest the food and you don’t end up sleeping on a full stomach.

6. Don’t go to Costco by yourself. You need someone to go with you to talk you out of the 25 pounds of flour and the lifetime supply of yeast.

7. Learn how to "do it yourself" by watching the Food Network, DIY, and Discovery Channels.

8. Buy the book instead of going to see the movie at the theater. The entertainment lasts longer.

9. For movie night, borrow it from the library or rent it from Blockbuster video. Microwave the popcorn.

10. If the wife buys something he doesn’t like, put it in the closet and don’t complain. This saves in future legal fees!

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