Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun Pregnancy website

Today, I stumbled on This site is from the folks who write the series, What to expect when you are expecting and What to expect in the first year. The books are so trusted that my OB/GYN and insurance company sent me free copies as a congratulations gift. On the website, there is a great pregnancy ticker. It looks like this.

Get your free online pregnancy calendar from

As you can see, I'm 26 weeks, 1 day along and have 97 days until the due date. It can be customized for whether you are having a boy or girl, or whether you don't know yet. Besides the cute bells and whistles, there are plenty of blogs, articles, and coupons to make this website a first stop when I need to choose a baby name, have concerns about new symptoms, or just want to daydream about when I get to hold the new delivery in my arms. If you know someone who is pregnant, be sure to share this website with them.

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