Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grocery and Home Improvement this week

This is a very exciting week for frugal grocery shoppers. All stores have something to offer. Here are my favorite specials.


Fresh Split Foster Farms Chicken Breasts: .97 per lb.
Russet Potatoes, 5lb. bag: .97 per lb.
Beef Cross Rib or Rump Roast: $1.97 per lb.
Green Asparagus: .97 per lb.
Cottonelle and Viva bath tissue and towels: $5.99 12 double rolls and 8 rolls respectively
Dannon and horizon yogurt: 10 for $5
Nabisco crackers: 2 for $4

There is an interesting mix and match special that can save you plenty of money. It is a bit convoluted for my taste, and easy to mess up, so be sure to pick up the circular from the store to see the specials. If you do, you will save 35 to 50% on the items. In addition, here are some great specials:

Fugi and Gala apples: .68 lb.
Lucerne yogurt: .40 each if you buy ten
Daffodils: 2 bunches for $3


Raw lobster tails: $3.99 each - time for that lobster dinner!
Cantaloupe: .25 per lb.
Nectarines: .69 per lb. today only
Softsoap: .89 each today only
Eggo Waffles: 3 for $4.98
Beer, wine and spirits sale: 30% off this week for many brands
Cucumbers: .79 each

The Home Depot:

Through 3/22 - 4 inch annuals only 3 for $1, limit 60 - I've never seen such a low price on these. If you are a fan of big splashes of color that only last a few months, stock up on these. For the more practical, frugal shoppers, it is worth the expense to purchase perennials which are always more expensive, but will give you color year after year.

Gallon staked pink jasmine - $3.88 - you can't beat the fragrance of these little pink flowers.

2 cubic ft. bark nuggets - $1.88 - great for mulching around your new annuals. Only through 3/22.

In a previous email, I mentioned several computer deals, but after visiting the stores, decided that it would be better to wait than to purchase these now.

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