Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday paper circular bargains

Now that I'm back from an amazing Australia vacation (that ended up being free after tax refunds and the stimulus package), I'm excited to report on the latest sales in the Santa Barbara News Press.

Colgate toothpaste is free with the extra bucks using the CVS card.
Irish Spring body wash is also free with the extra bucks using the CVS card.
Fig Newtons and Lorna Doons - 5 for $5
Ajax liquid detergent - 99 cents with card

Altoids - 2 for $2
Sun-Maid Raisins 18 oz - $1.99 with coupon
Royal Gelatin - 5 for $1 with coupon
Dinty Moore beef stew - 2 for $3
1 lb. epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide - 2 for $1 with coupon
Palmolive dish liquid - 99 cents with coupon
6 big rolls of Charmin - $3.49 with coupon
Kleenex - 89 cents with coupon

1 dozen eggs for 2 for $3 Thursday through Saturday
C&H Sugar 2 for $5
Pillsbury all purpose flour - 2 for $4
Ajax dish liquid - 99 cents

There are several good values on laptop computers right now at Staples, Office Max and Radio Shack that I'm going to check out and report on soon since my laptop is on its last legs. Upcoming blogs will also report on Australia vs. US health care system, good travel buys and more. Stay tuned.

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